CSSN driver license scanner to database - ScanShell.Net for Driver Licenses

CSSN driver license scanner to database - ScanShell.Net for Driver Licenses
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Product Description

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CSSN ScanShell.net features:

Data is automatically extracted into appropriate database fields.

Database capabilities including extensive search capabilities.

Exclusive database export capabilities; other Applications, Internet, FTP, Email, files.

Fully customizable - User defined layout, fields, and field names.

The ID card / Barcode image and data are automatically stored in a local or remote relational database, in a pre-defined color scheme and resolution. needed

Fully automated scanning process - Allows the user to focus on chain- feeding media to the scanner, while image processing and data extraction take place in the background.

Automatic page-feed detection - launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a document into the scanner.

Image auto alignment - Automatically corrects incorrect card insertion.

Capable of scanning any photo media including paper photos, ID cards, and even rigid plastic credit cards.

ScanShell.net brochure
ScanShell.net user manual

Scanshel.Net is a powerful modular scanning application for ID cards as well as other types of cards, documents and other scanning purposes. The cards are scanned into a relational database, and saved in records. Each record stores the ID card image, the ID card data, and additional user-defined information such as the scanning time, categories and more.

The data stored in Scanshell.net can be easily sorted, arranged, retrieved and printed according to various built-in and user-defined criteria and categories. The database is featured with a lot of capabilities such has search, export Printing, ruling, note, categories and more.

Scanshell.net is capable of verifying ID cards, by comparing data from two different sources on the card. User can determine the fields that are used for the verification process, and the match percentage that serves as success threshold.

Scanshell.net has a powerful printing wizard that lets the user to set the printing format like : photo album, spreadsheet, labels, and more. User can define layout forms, the fields he wants to print from each record, the fields order, font, and varios other printing definitions. The Dymo label printer is a special third-party label printer supported by Scanshell.net.

Scanshell.net has a user defined rules module. Rules are automatic actions that the program performs when certain, predefined conditions are met. Rules can be used for various purposes. The following are just few examples of the vast number of rules that can be created in Scanshell.net:

  • Alerts concerning expired ID cards, persons under legal age, badly paying customers, or any other kind of alert.
  • Automatic Export of data when certain criteria in records are met.
  • Automating application tasks such as saving data.

Scanshell.net has extensive export capabilities, allowing you to export scanned data automatically to any other application such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, as well as Email, FTP, and the Web, directly from within the program.
In addition to displaying the card data, the application uses its database to produce various reports based on built-in categories.