CSSN ID barcode reader to database - ScanShell.Net for Barcodes

CSSN ID barcode reader to database -  ScanShell.Net  for Barcodes
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Product Description

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CSSN ScanShell.Net for barcodes is an easy-to-use Scanshell.net module, capable of scanning both 1D and PDF417 2D barcodes. It combines the efficiency of PDF 417 barcodes with the application's powerful and flexible database capabilities, allowing you to sort, arrange, store, retrieve, and print data and images extracted from barcodes.

You can also export the data to any other application, email, FTP, or the web automatically. In addition, our reader provides you with the card or the card holder face image.


Rules are automatic actions that the program performs when certain, predefined conditions are met. Rules can be used for various purposes. The following are just few examples of the vast number of rules that can be created in Scanshell.net:

  • Alerts concerning expired ID cards, persons under legal age, badly paying customers, or any other kind of alert.
  • Automatic Export of data when certain criteria in records are met.
  • Automating application tasks such as saving data.

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