CSSN Business card scanner to CRM - Scan2CRM

CSSN Business card scanner to CRM - Scan2CRM
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Product Description

CSSN Scan2CRM for SalesForce features:

Full integration with SalesForce CRM software -Scans business cards directly and automatically into SalesForce CRM software
Capture both data and image
Just a few seconds per scan
Auto detect function - just place the card in the scanner

Scan2CRM is an application that scans business card or driver’s license image, and automatically inputs both their textual data and image to a new contact record in your SalesForce CRM application, either through the Internet or locally.

Within seconds of placing a card into the business card scanner, Scan2CRM pulls the information off the card using OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) technology, and automatically populates the text fields of a new contact record in SalesForce CRM software (name, title, phone number, etc.), while also capturing an image file of the card.

Scan2CRM works directly with SalesForce CRM , making it the only business card scanning package that does not require cards to be scanned into a 3rd party application before the information can be imported into SalesForce CRM software.

Support only SalesForce Enterprise and Professional editions, and supports both Leads and Contacts records. User just needs to select the item type he wants, and the scanned information will be entered to the selected record type.

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