CSSN Business card scanner to Outlook - Scan2contacts

CSSN Business card scanner to Outlook - Scan2contacts
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Product Description

CSSN Scan2Contacts - Business card scanner is:

Fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook®
Auto-detect function
Extracts both data and image
Only few seconds per scan
No external power needed
No need to install any 3rd party software
No need to learn any new software
No more syncing or exporting
Fully mobile small print business cards reader

Scan2Contacts is easy to use and accurate, add-on scanning software for Microsoft Outlook ® contacts management. The business card reader scans business cards and automatically creates a new contact record. The textual data is extracted using OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology, and inserted to the appropriate contact fields and the image file of the card is attached.

Scan2Contacts works directly from within Outlook ®. It is fully integrated and while installing, a small toolbar is added to Outlook ® and is loaded while startup. Scan2Contacts is the only business card scanning package that does not require cards to be scanned into another application before the information can be entered into Outlook ®.

Scan2Contacts eliminates the need to manually type new leads into Outlook ®. It creates complete and accurate contact information, in a few seconds. With its small footprint mobile ScanShell 800N OCR scanner, it is the ideal business card scanner and software.

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Scan2Contacts user manual