CSSN magnetic stripe reader to file - IdScan Magnetic Reader

CSSN magnetic stripe reader to file - IdScan  Magnetic Reader
Item# idscanMAG

Product Description

The CSSN magnetic reader module of IdScan reads magnetic stripes of driver licenses and extracts the textual information stored on it, into a text file or the clipboard. With a reading and processing speed of 1-2 seconds per ID card, IdScan- Magnetic Reader is the ideal solution for customer service offices and counters.

When reading the magnetic stripe, the magnetic reader starts extracting the data from the magnetic strip immediately when the driver's license is swiped through the magnetic reader.

In magnetic reading mode, IdScan offers three naming conventions to the saved text data:

  • Fixed file name: Each record will be saved with the same file name. Either overwriting the previous file or appending a new record as a new line, in the same text file, according to the user definition.
  • Ascending numeric name (i.e. Card-0.txt, Card-1.txt, Card-2.txt.)
  • Naming according to the customer name or ID number, as extracted from the ID card.

As the process is automated, it allows the user to chain-feed the ID cards into the MagShell 900 reader,

while the processing is done in the background. The MagShell 900 reader is capable of reading any AAMVA and ISO compliant driver's license with a magnetic strip.

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