CSSN ID barcode reader to file - IdScan for Barcodes

CSSN ID barcode reader to file - IdScan for Barcodes
Item# IdScanBarcodes

Product Description

CSSN IDScan for Barcode is an easy-to-use compact package that scans 2D ( PDF417 which is the preferred means of encoding ID information on 2D barcodes ) and 1D Barcodes and provides the user with an image of the barcode and the relevant text information in appropriate fields.

IDScan for Barcode is capable of reading both 1D barcodes, which are the traditional barcodes appearing on various products, as well as the new 2D barcode, which is setting new standards for identification.

ID card authentication

IDScan Bar code scanner has the ability to check if the scanned card is genuine. It scans the data on the card using OCR, and then compare it to data from the barcode. If the data from the two sources match, the card is genuine. Else, the card is either faked, or one of the data sources on the card is corrupted.

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