CSSN Business card scanner to file - IdScan for Business Cards

CSSN Business card scanner to file - IdScan for Business Cards
Item# idbsc

Product Description

CSSN IdScan for Business Cards is one of idScan's easy-to-use modules that scans business cards and provides you with both the card's image, as well as the text information arranged in appropriate text fields.

The extracted text and images can be saved or exported to other applications, email, and the web. The small scanner, which does not require an external power supply, can be easily carried together with your laptop.

When using the automatic page-feed detection, idScan for Business Cards launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a business card into the ScanShell 800N business card scanner. The image is scanned and saved to the hard disk in a predefined color scheme, resolution, and scanning area, in a user-defined format(BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PSD).

The scanned image can also be rotated automatically, using predefined angles to obtain the proper orientation. idScan offers three naming conventions to the saved images: fixed name, ascending numerator name, and naming according to the customer name as extracted from the ID card.

The Live Update feature checks for updates whenever you are connected to the Internet, and updates idScan for Business Cards automatically with the most recent version available.

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